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Welcome to Nuzul Interior Design Consultation, where your dream space becomes a reality. Choose from our tailored packages designed to elevate your experience and ensure the utmost value:

Basic Package
SR 1,000

In just one hour, our experts help you understand your project's goals, identify any issues, and outline solutions. We'll break down complex ideas and offer clear advice to unleash your space's full potential. This package is priced at 1000 SR and promises to give you clarity and actionable steps for your interior or exterior design goals

Hard Finishing & Materials
SR 2,500

In just two hours, our experts guide you through defining your style, creating a mood board, and selecting materials. We'll help you choose paint colors, design doors and windows, and enhance your project within your budget. This package, priced at SR 2500, includes a comprehensive session focused on one area. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to bring your exterior design vision to life

Soft Finishing & Furnishing
SR 2,500

In a two-hour session focused on one area, our experts define your style, create a mood board, and establish a color scheme. Dive into furniture selection, styling tips, and accessory ideas tailored to your vision. Gain access to a curated list of furniture shops and invaluable budgeting advice. Priced at SR 2500, this package is your gateway to refined outdoor living. Let us transform your space into a sanctuary of style and comfort

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